How Often Should You Clean the Office Carpet?

Cleaning the carpets in the office is a chore that needs regular attention. The carpet on the floor is comfortable and cozy to walk on and really makes the day easier for employees. It is also an appealing choice of flooring materials. Yet, carpet also breeds bacteria and germs that can interfere with the air quality in the office. Professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, GA eliminates that worry. But how often do you need this service?

This depends on many factors, including:

·    The size of the office

·    The number of carpets in the office

·    Number of employees

·    Type of carpet

Most experts recommend that you clean the carpets at least twice per year. Companies with more high traffic areas could need service once every four months. Sticking to this carpet cleaning schedule is a great way to prevent illness and allergies at work, which reduces callouts and employee illness. Furthermore, everyone will breathe better in an office with clean carpets.

The cost to clean the carpets carries from one job to the next. You can request estimates from three or four companies to compare rates before hiring if you want the best price. The estimates will not cost any money but they do ensure you do not overpay for services.

Rest assured the cost to clean the carpets is well-worth the investment. A few things that you can do to keep costs of professional cleaning low include:

·    Vacuum the carpets regularly

·    Call a trustworthy carpet cleaning professional

·    Research and compare cleaners before you hire

commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, GA

Stick to a regular carpet cleaning routine if you want to keep the office clean and sanitary and make employees and customers healthier and happier. You will be glad that you stuck to the schedule and called the professionals.