What To Do When Mosquitoes Get Out Of Control

It always starts with just one small bug. That is to say that you ignore it. Because this is what is likely to happen. The bug will feed. It will then mate. And after it has mated? Its partner in crime lays her eggs. Yes, there’s more than one. Hundreds to put it to you in the mildest terms possible. Pregnancy for women lasts around nine months. But for bugs, it’s just a matter of weeks before the first eggs are hatched. Heck, in some cases, it’s just a matter of days! Imagine what could happen if these were mosquitoes. The specialist mosquito control clifton park unit does not imagine.

It works. In more ways than one, as it turns out. Actions speak louder than words, didn’t you know. So, when you see just one of these small bugs; this is what you do. And this is what you don’t do. Don’t just kill it on the spot, on your arm, as it turns out. Because what if it bites you? And what if you catch one of its viruses? The malarial virus is probably top of that list. But there are others. And it could even be the novel coronavirus. Don’t believe this? Well, go and check out the history books. Because this is something that has happened before.

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So, after you’ve chased the bug off of your arm, just phone the specialist mosquito control unit as early as possible. And they’ll schedule a good time to come and give a sweep of your premises. They’ll know where to look, so don’t you be worrying about that. And once they’ve located the nests, they’ll start laying out the necessary treatment. And then wait a few daysÂ…